After two months and two days after I left my two cats in Vermont, we finally reunited!

I left Vermont 2 weeks before my lease was due. I was hoping that I could find a new apartment in two weeks, so that my cats can come right before my lease was due. During those two weeks, they stayed at my old apartment and my friend Brian’s friends Matt & Colleen who happen to live close by, were taking care of them for me. Then my lease was due, and they couldn’t stay there any longer. Brian was so kind that he took them in to his apartment even though he has some nonfatal allergic reactions to cats. Time passed by fast, my relocating-to-do list kept growing before I could finally check the “Ship my Cats” box, two weeks turned into two months, so here we are. 

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Meditation and mTBI recovery

I listened to the interview that neuroscientist Dr. David Vago had with Dan Harris on the 10% happier podcast this week. Dr. David Vago said “Our mind’s default mode network is mind wondering and distraction. Most of the times, when we are distracted, we start moving into these narratives about ourselves, or about the past, or reflecting on something negative typically, or worrying or fantasizing into the future.” This was very nice to hear, so after all, I’m not alone. I’m in good company. My mind goes to the default mode a lot and it’s normal apparently, since it is called “ The default Mode.”

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Car Hunting-Final and where are they from?

I was on my way to a walk in the park nearby, a beautiful looking sedan caught my eye. My gaze followed it until I saw the logo on the back, then I had a grin on my face. Yes, it is the same car as I have! Yes, I bought a car and I love it! It is also true that once you bought your car, you started seeing it everywhere. 

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Where are you from?

People often ask me, “Where are you from?” It seems like a simple and common question that’s often been asked when you meet people for the first time. But I wish I have a cut and dried answer like, I’m from NY,  the Midwest, Texas and I live in Vermont now; or I’m a 4th generation Vermonter or Seattleites; or I’m from Beijing or Taiwan. And that will be it.

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Car Hunting-Part 3

I’m on my own. The Nissan Dealership is not helpful. I need to do more research and first I needed to get the internet hooked up in my apartment. By practicing minimalism, I was trying to see if I could live without internet at home. I tried for a week and it didn’t work. I don’t live close to a public library. The closest one is 2.5 miles away. I don’t have a car and there isn’t a convenient bus route. I wouldn’t mind walking there if it is pedestrian friendly, but it is not. I need internet at home and now I know for sure that it will add value in my life. 

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Car Hunting- Part 2

I was interested in the Electric Vehicle(EV) Nissan Leaf after reading about Elon Musk and this blog post The Nissan Leaf Experiment from MMM. I have a lot of questions. How long does it take to charge the Leaf? Where are the charging stations? How far can it go? What are the ranges for different year models? Can it be charged in the rain? There is a lot of unknown and I was overwhelmed.  I decided that I would just go to a dealership to get educated there.

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Car Hunting-Part 1

I’ve been learning and practicing minimalism and intentional living for a few years. Moving was a big opportunity for me to practice. During the move, I practiced a lot of letting go, letting go of the excess stuff that I didn’t need; things that no longer add value in my life; things that got in the way of the life that I want to live; letting go of the different selves and egos that I constructed and perceived as my self worth; letting go of the grief of the Identity losses; letting go of attachments to things, routines, comfort, familiarity. I not only let go, I ran. I ran away from the Vermont Winter like running away from a plague. I wanted to be winter free, worry free and car free. I wanted to live with as little obligation to my stuff as possible, and that meant I needed to own as little as possible.  

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The perfect recipe for depression

One late evening, when I reached for that big bowl of blueberries with a ton of honey loaded on top, I knew something wasn’t right. That was the first sign that I sensed the biochemistry of my brain was off. Before I went to bed, I was finishing up the book “ The liar’s club”, I cried terribly feeling lonely and stressed out. The next day, cold sores on my lips came out again, and I was feeling heavy and down. 

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The Court, DMV and The community of Lyft

My apartment is full of empty boxes now. I have packages delivered multiple times a day, from Amazon and other online stores. I installed an over the tap filter. I couldn’t take off the Faucet aerator by hand at first, then I bought a plier and read the manual, problem solved! I assembled the stand alone “The Berkey Water filtration system”. I got frustrated along the way, but then I remembered I received instruction videos in my email. After watching the short video, problem solved! I’ve put it all together by myself! I feel empowered! Men and their tools are overrated! I just need to read Continue reading “The Court, DMV and The community of Lyft”

Shopping for the home

I moved in last week with my three suitcases. Since I got rid of most of my stuff in Vermont, I need to shop for everything all over again. The day I got the apartment key, I walked to a
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