Where are you from?

People often ask me, “Where are you from?” It seems like a simple and common question that’s often been asked when you meet people for the first time. But I wish I have a cut and dried answer like, I’m from NY,  the Midwest, Texas and I live in Vermont now; or I’m a 4th generation Vermonter or Seattleites; or I’m from Beijing or Taiwan. And that will be it.

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Tomorrow, I’m flying out. I’m feeling the anxiety in my body this morning.

Yesterday 2:30pm I received an email from United says ” Possible travel disruptions in Chicago. United is offering complimentary options to change your flight because of anticipated thunderstorms in Chicago.”

So after dancing with some turmoils,  I changed my flight to transfer through Newark instead. Now I will leave around noon tomorrow instead of 8am. It is a good thing. It is a better schedule. It gives me enough time to get ready and leaves me no excuse to be late for the flight.

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The opposite may also be true

I have been having unquenchable thirst and I drank a lot of liquid (about 5 Liters per day) as a result. ( I know, crazy! Call me an overachiever !) I thought I was doing the right thing by staying hydrated, but as it turns out, Sodium Deficiency causes unquenchable thirst, and excessive water drinking feeds on Sodium Deficiency. When we drink too much water, we dilute our bodies blood and the sodium in it. The more Sodium Deficiency we get, the thirstier we feel, then we we drink more water, then we get more Sodium Deficiency. I know! It is a bad cycle.

Conclusion: Consuming too much salt causes thirst, but the opposite is also true here. Not consuming enough salt causes unquenchable thirst.

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